Sunday, September 9, 2007

Start today! It's construct your BLOG

At the beginning of our co-operation we need to create a blog (one blog at least. You may have more, if you wish).

Every school has one blog at least. The students are writing their thoughts there and send their comments to the blogs of the other groups in the foreign cities.

First: Create an e-mail account on You need a user name and a password.

Second: Now you are ready to establish your blog on

When you enter this web page you could choose your own language to get information about blogs (What is a blog, Take a quick Tour...), but please don't forget that our communication language is the English.

Now it's time to create your blog following the 3 steps in the above site.

  1. Create an account (e.g Name= 3rd Upper Secondary School MILTOS KOUNTOURAS, DisplayName=in Athens).
  2. Name your blog (e.g Blog title=Ourselves.Athens, Blog
  3. Choose a template (e.g TIC-TAC)

Third: Congratulations! Your blog is ready!

Now design your first post writing a short text with a WELCOME, some GREETINGS, a HELLO, or other greeting expressions.

Fourth: Finally send us an e-mail message and inform us about your blog's creation (your blog name and your blog address. Our e-mail address is kfyssaki at Also you could send us a comment in the present post, confirming the good function.

Note: The greek blog is already on-line. You can visit it on

Good Luck!

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