Sunday, August 31, 2008

Have a nice school year 2008-09

My dearest friends,

September ante portas... I send you my warmest wishes for an amazing new school year 2008-09 with a slide show about paintings of Nikolaos Gyzis (1842-1901). He is a Greek painter , who was born on Tinos island, studied and died in Munich Some of his famous works are:

Eros and the Paintress Historia
Engagement Koo-Koo game Learning by heart Secret School

  • Eros and the Paintress, shows a rather middle age woman (paintress) who concentrates on painting a young boy,

  • Historia, a color lithographic poster which was first used in 1892 for the 6th International Art Exhibition in the Munich Glass Palace. Secession. The central image, which was repeatedly used on posters advertising the Munich Artist Group's salons and international art exhibitions, is an allegory on the nature of artistic tradition passing from one generation to another.
  • The Engagement,
  • The Secret School,
  • Koo-koo game
  • Learning by heart

Gyzis paintings range from Naturalistic genre scenes and still lifes to Secession style allegories. In the following video the major of his paintings are included. Enjoy it!!!!



P.S. We would like to visit Munich this year in the framework of a partnership!!!